Leo, Buckets of Drool, and Other Alter Egos

The story of Leo the cat has an inauspicious beginning. I found him and his sister on the neighbor’s patio at the tender age of one day, crying for their lives, abandoned by their feral cat momma. I’ll rescue them, I said, clean them up and give them a good life. They would have opportunities their natural mom couldn’t provide.

Momma nevertheless came looking for her kits a couple weeks after I adopted them. They were thriving kittens by then, mewing and crawling around. She jumped in through the screenless window to try and take them back. She was a striking creature‒ Orange and white striped, long and muscular. But I had to give it to her straight: You ain’t no good for them, momma. Git!

Leo and his sis have since developed into the sweetest cats you could imagine. Yet, unlike his sister, who chooses to eat her cares away, Leo will sometimes exhibit some unseemly behaviors; Since these are contrary to his normal, ultra-fluffy character, I call them alter-egos.

It is as they say: you can take the kitteh off the streets but you can’t take the street out of the kitteh.

You’re Goddamn Right I’m Leo

I’ve mentioned my cat’s new bully status before.

LC puts it best: “When Leo first got in the cat game, he was timid and didn’t know what he was doing. Now, he goes around to the neighborhood cats and asks: “What’s my name?”

(That clip from Breaking Bad)

Leo, Up In Smoke

Before his overlord days, during his young adulthood, Leo was obsessed with getting all “potted up” on the green stuff. I once hid his stash in the top shelf of the cabinet over the washer, and he somehow found it. I came home to discover the plastic baggy shredded, herb all over the laundry room floor and my cats high off their asses.

Catnip toys don’t stand a chance

Sparkly Twilight Leo

Sigh. Even cats have a vampire phase now?

Leo the Vamp

Leo, Buckets of Drool

Or “bucket butt” for short. Cue some gross Ron Jeremy flick music in your head for this next one.

Leo loves us. He loves all over us.

Buckets of Hot Love


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  1. I’ve never seen a cat drool like that in my life. He looks like he just went braindead. Are you sure Mr. Heisenberg doesn’t need some medical assistance?

  2. During my lunch hour! I mean, really! Was that necessary? You’re lucky you have pussies. I’m stuck with a dog. I was outvoted 3-1. Dogs are dirty, clumsy and not very bright. And, my God, they NEED! NEED! NEED! Just like a humans. Give me the cool aloof of a cat any day.

    • winopants says:

      I’m scared of having dogs for that reason. They are like little kids, except they’ll end up peeing in my bed instead of their own

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. This is my favorite post EVER. You have a HEISENBERG KITTEH? and a VAMPIRE BITTY? I am so jealous.
    The drool is kind of weird, though.

  4. I’ve got a cat that must be his brother. It’s the only explanation.

  5. He’s a handsome fellow, but I don’t think his behaviour is unusual for a tomcat. I’m assuming you’ve left his goolies intact.

  6. Those are pretty adorable. I like to imagine those photos taken in succession – first kitteh gets a little Woo-Woo, so then dresses as a vampire and tries to suck some blood, before finally coming down and the drooling starts.

  7. Haha, the Heisenberg cat!! I need to show my boyfriend this picture as we’re both obsessed with Breaking Bad :)

  8. LeeAnn says:

    I am ashamed and bewildered that I have not seen these pictures until just now. Kitty drool? Totally reassured to know Monkey isn’t just on some wild kittydrug binge when she does that. Just now we’re attempting to adopt Mimi, the outdoor used-to-be-feral-now-just-flirty cat, but Monkey will have none of it. Much yowling, much squawking of angst.

    • winopants says:

      None of my friends believed me when I tried to describe how much my cat drools. Now they see.
      Happy my cats just give each other a friendly whack on the head now and again and have no real issues getting along

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